But.. I Don't Feel 30
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Da Industry BABY... But is it socially acceptable???
2021 Jul 3058m 22s
Dababy... Morgan Wallen What the fuck is going on in this world... Are we just taking people freedom of speech away or NAH?? on today episode we talk the proper etiquette of talking SHIT! and what else cancel culture.. Ummm excuse me can we cancel cancel culture? Not defending anybody here but.. give me a fucking break... #sorryNOTsorry
Lets talk about SEX!! With Noir Leather
2021 Jul 191h 30m 44s
They say that SEX sells so....But I dont feel 30 went to Noir Leather! Not only did we learn a lot but we had a blast with the new owners Arbor & Lady Pain. We heard stories and shared stories, and podcasted the whole episode from the middle of a velvet bed in front of a window display!!! So come vibe with us
The 27 Club and a little blue slide park- Detroit-Cleveland-Pittsburgh
2021 Jul 151h 11m 12s
Did BIDFT catch the road trip bug?? We headed from Detroit to Cleveland to check out The 27 Club coffee house. Such a dope little spot in a cool little downtown area! We absolutely loved it!! you totally delivered MGK.. We will definitely be going back sooner rather than later!!!! <3 Then on to scheduled destination PITTSBURGH!!! Home of Frick Park, Wiz Khalifa and none other than Mac Miller.. Although I will say we expected more from Pittsburgh than what we got but Hey we still got to our meeting and still enjoyed a little of the city! we have so much going on bring more guest on and doing more stuff as BIDFT (but.. I don't feel thirty) so stay tuned... You don't wanna get left in the dust. Dont forget to share and subscribe and LISTEN to BUT..I DON'T FEEL 30
It's Britney Bitch!!!
2021 Jul 051h 3m 12s
soooo what do you guys think about the conservatorship?? we're talking about it!! take a listen.... and of course you know we rabbit holed and stated some opinions!! Grab your wine or coffee and vibe with us!
Happy Father's Day!! Have you gone # 2 today?
2021 Jun 3059m 40s
Wishing all you guys a happy Father's Day! On this episode we have to know. Are you guys able to go number 2 while on vacation? what do you guys think about Kim and Kayne's divorce?? Finally... How long do you think you should be single before you begin dating again??
We're Celebrating PRIDE!!!
2021 Jun 2059m 18s
On today episode of BUT.. I DONT FEEL 30! we are celebrating pride and embracing our friends. Being an ally means more to us than you'll ever know! As part of the LBGTQ community and being how far every one has came is an amazing feeling. So in honour of it being pride month we are having our first ever guest on the show! Introducing Jamie Duran Maynard! She a near and dear friend of of mine. She came on the show to tell us HER story. Give us insight to being a transwomen and what that means to her! so buckle up and enjoy this very special episode!
Shits getting real... and WITCHY
2021 Jun 0648m 54s
BIDFT is getting real!! Letting you guys into our real lives and talking friendship! Loves, Losses and Blood Moons! and maybe a little update on fuckboy 2.0
PPO's, Pressing charges, and women proposing
2021 May 311h 1m 5s
All about our life, struggles and the people making life harder than it needs to be. Along with the disagreement on women proposing!
Rabbit HOLE!!! Labels, Dating and moving on!
2021 May 251h 23m 37s
Listen up!! We're talking married men, Dating, Living our best life... or at least Brittney is!!! Just go vibe with us and ENJOY!!!
Fuck Boys, Dick Pics and hat fishing???
2021 May 2257m 49s
Trying to protect you from the fuckboys of the world, one podcast episode at a time!!!