Sleep Stories By Tony Walker
  • Tony Walker
22 episodes
Whimsical stories, fantasies and snippets from old tales read out in a way intended to lull you to sleep.


2021 Jul 2623m 37s
A sparkly, glittery, cold winter's night when you're all wrapped up and the fireworks pepper the sky with wonder. A sleep story for adults to get you slumbering.
The Box of Delights
2021 Jul 1927m 45s
What if you find a magic box that led you into a sleepy dreamworld? The Box of Delights is a sleep story for adults designed to get you dozing. Don't listen to the end—drift off! Don't study it intensely, fall asleep.
The Library
2021 Jul 1320m 38s
I reminisce about a library I used to know, long ago, with its wooden shelves and quiet and big window that overlooked the western sea. I must admit, I dozed off there sometimes. I hope you will too.
The Barge
2021 Jul 0518m 41s
What could be more relaxing than drifting on a long boat down a canal in the heart of rural England, enjoying the warm breeze, nature, and wildlife while the evening becomes night and the moon rises.
Down The Diamond Mine
2021 Jun 2628m 29s
If you wait until the seven dwarfs have gone home to Snow White, I bet there is a sleepy place down that diamond mine, where you can rest on a bed of precious stones and sleep the night away.
Through The Stars
2021 Jun 1931m 11s
Imagine if you could fly all the way through the solar system and out the distant constellations. The things you would see there would make you very sleepy, I bet.
Castles In The Clouds
2021 Jun 1223m 7s
If you set out to walk in the mist, then found yourself among the clouds, what dreamy things you might see there? Things that would get you off to sleep, slumbering and dozing and napping all through the hours where there are rainbows and star falls and big fluffy clouds
Summerday Sands
2021 Jun 0517m 44s
This sleep story for adults tells the tale of a stroll across the idyllic summer day sands by the sea across from the island before you wend your way home through the sea grass to your cottage by the sea where you can have a very good sleep.
A Rainy Bus Ride
2021 May 3121m 30s
In this sleep story for adults, we take a dreamy rainy bus ride through London, starting at Kew Gardens, past Buckingham Place and the Regents Canal, taking a peek at the Zoo and then buy things we don't need at Camden Market before falling asleep on the bus and waking up at High Barnet, as always happens.
The Christmas Tree
2021 May 2423m 51s
This is a whimsical sleep story for adults who want to doze off and slumber. It's my musings and sleepy-time ramblings about a mythical silver Christmas tree my mother used to put up for me when I was a lad, all those years ago, when things were lovely.