• Khem Chand
4 episodes
Hello friends I'm Khemchand. I'm here to entertain you with my Sher, Shayri, Poems and Gazals also. I'm very passionate about make you happy with your cute smile. If you like my work please share my work with many many friends of you. Thank you guys.


Dard gehra h Dil me
2021 May 041m 3s
इस शायरी में प्रेमी अपनी प्रेमिका से कहता है, कि तुम एक इशारा करदो बस हमें फिर कोई जुदा ना कर सकेगा।
आंखों का सरारा
2021 Apr 2545s
तेरी आंखों का सरारा लिख दूं, हो इजाजत गर तुझे करारा लिख दूं।
इश्क वाली खिड़की
2021 Apr 2550s
This is a beautiful Shayri which written by me and also perform by me. If you like my Shayri please share with ur friends.
Kalamyar (Trailer)
2021 Apr 2438s
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