• Trent Wilson, Tyler Wilkinson and Lauren Sanderson
3 episodes
A podcast consisting of a wide variety of conversations and topics. Feel free to join us as we embark on this podcast journey. Co-Hosts - Trent Wilson, Tyler Wilkinson and Lauren Sanderson.


Episode 3: We Got Engaged!
2021 May 311h 50m 5s
In this episode Trent and Lauren announce their engagement and wedding plans that they have came up with so far. Also, we join the co-hosts with some funny life stories that need to be heard. We even have a little rant about "the talking stage" of a relationship and plus, don't forgot to tune in as we get deeper and deeper into successfully finding Tyler his soulmate.
Episode 2: Is Tyler a "SIMP"?
2021 May 171h 36m 7s
In this episode we are giving a shout out to the mothers on mothers day as this was recorded on mothers day. We also tackle are most exciting segment, "the third wheel", for a second time hoping to find Tyler his soulmate. Also, we tell a couple of our stories hoping that our audience would start to get to know us more. Finally, we break down what it means to be a "SIMP".
Episode 1: Welcome To The Group Chat
2021 May 021h 20m 13s
Welcome to our podcast known as "The Group Chat". Just your average 3 co-hosts consisting of: Tyler Wilkinson, Trent Wilson and Lauren Sanderson. In this episode we dive right in to introducing ourselves, explaining the name of our podcast and implying our newly created segments. You all will come across talks of newly released music, sports talk, news, Dr. Love and even a little ranting. Join us as we embark on our journey into the world of podcasts.
More episodes may be available on the podcast’s website.