The Grumpy Old Moshers Podcast
  • Laurence South & Don Spencer
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Welcome to the Grumpy Old Moshers Podcast with Spencer & Southy. This is a forum dedicated to our love of alternative music, primarily in the realms of metal and hardcore. We will also be focusing on mental health and wellbeing through sharing our experiences to increase the discussion around mental health and remove the stigmas surrounding it. We are geeks in all senses of the word so expect broad discussions of video games, movies and music and hopefully plenty of laughs along the way. Join us for the GOM podcast!


7. Ten Metalcore Albums We Love
2021 Apr 181h 50m 28s
What's up people! In this episode we discuss 10 of our favourite Metalcore albums and delve into the impact these albums have had on us as listeners and musicians. We picked 10 albums each so this podcast has 20 amazing Metalcore albums for you to check out! From the 90s to the present day, our lists cover a wide range of times and styles. We cover bands such as Poison the Well, Parkway Drive, Disembodied, Counterparts, xRepentancex, Northlane and more! Thank you all for listening and we hope you enjoy.
6. The Video Game Episode
2021 Apr 042h 17m 34s
Welcome to Episode 6 of the GOM podcast, the first show with our brand new intro song! In this episode we talk about our deepest passion besides music, gaming! We kick it off by discussing the first video games/consoles we ever played. The main portion of the show covers current games such as our favourite games of this generation, our 10 favourite games and also sharing our love for Rockstar Games. We also ask each other quickfire questions such as games we thought we'd like but actually hated, our most played games and games we are really good/bad at. We close off with our favourite game series of all time. This is one of our biggest shows to date and we had a lot of fun. We both agree this is our best episode to date so we hope you enjoy! Please give us your feedback we would really appreciate it! Peace x
5. The Architects Episode
2021 Mar 281h 3s
What's up everybody! Welcome to episode 5 of the GOM podcast. This is actually the 3rd episode we recorded and it was done completely improv so it is a little rough around the edges but we still had a good time. In this episode we talk about our experience with the band Architect's over the years. We discuss their discography, our first shows and our first experiences of the band, while also covering other bands we have enjoyed from the scene over the last decade. Think of this episode as a prequel to our FTTWTE Track by Track Analysis (Our 2nd episode). If you haven't listened to that one yet, i'd suggest hitting this one first for maximum listening pleasure. This will be the last time we rave about Architects for a while. Next week we have a 3 hour mega episode all about videogames. We hope you enjoy!
4. The While She Sleeps Episode
2021 Mar 2154m 48s
Welcome to episode 4 of the GOM podcast. In this episode we do a deep dive on While She Sleeps. A legendary Sheffield metalcore band who have been consistently killing it for over a decade. We both agree they are one of the hardest working bands in the genre and their DIY ethic has grown more and more over the years. With the recent announcement of the Sleeps Society Patreon and upcoming LP of the same name, the band are setting a new precedent for the future of independent heavy music in the UK and beyond. We hope you enjoy!
3. The Mental Health Episode
2021 Mar 1549m 7s
Welcome to Episode 3 of the Grumpy Old Moshers Podcast. In this episode we talk about our own experiences with mental health issues such as Anxiety, Depression, OCD and Psychosis. Laurence also touches on his Chronic Health Condition (Ulcerative Colitis) which he was diagnosed with 2 years ago. We discuss the difficulties surrounding these conditions and what we have done to overcome and ultimately learn from our hardships. We are both very passionate about health and wellbeing so hope to offer some useful tips and lifestyle habits that have helped us when we have been up against it. This is a little bit different to the usual format of the show, although we do get into chatting about TOOL and how music can be therapeutic in hard times. This is quite a personal show and was difficult in parts for us to do. However, we are proud of it and if people enjoy it, we intend to do many more in the future. We have only scratched the surface. We hope you enjoy.
2. Architects - FTTWTE Album Review // Track by Track Analysis
2021 Mar 071h 48m 32s
Welcome back to episode 2 of the GOM podcast. In this episode we review our favourite band Architects' latest album For Those That Wish To Exist. This is an in-depth track by track analysis where we discuss the musicality, lyricism and personal impact each song has had for us so far. We discuss the strong spiritual and religious themes on the record aswell as themes surrounding the planet and the current ills of late-capitalist society. We both agree this album is a masterpiece and can't wait to take a deep dive into it with you all! Lastly, we want to say a massive congratulations to Architects for securing the #1 album this week in the UK albums chart, edging out Maximo Park, Alice Cooper and Dua Lipa, marking a monumental achievement for UK metal and hardcore music. This band are set to takeover the world and we couldn't be more excited! Please let us know what you think and we hope you enjoy.
1. Introductions
2021 Feb 281h 15m 55s
Welcome to episode 1 of the Grumpy Old Moshers Podcast with Spencer & Southy. The theme of this episode is around introductions. We talk about how we got into heavy music, some of our first "gateway bands" and fanboy out over Deftones. We talk about games, music, clothes, TV shows and more! Join us for the first episode of GOM!
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