• Anthony Iwen
8 episodes
Hello Everyone, I am a business and technology teacher that feels podcast are a great source of information. The problem is there is nothing out there that is specifically geared towards students! Hopefully that is where I can help. This podcast aims to teach students the necessary tools to set up finance success at an earlier age. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/anthony-iwen/support


The Importance of a Good Budget
2021 May 247m 30s
Today's episode is all about how to manage your money by using a budget. I talk through important milestones that students should be aware of and ready for in their lives as financially responsible individuals.
College is not the only option.
2021 May 065m 13s
This episode is intended for students to hear about other options other than the traditional four year college degree.
College Saving
2021 Apr 036m 21s
This episode talks about the financial benefits college can bring as well as two different saving opportunities. The first one is the 529 plan and the second is scholarships.
Forms of Payment
2021 Mar 139m 23s
This episode teaches young adults about a few different options when it comes to payment choices.
Unit Rate
2021 Mar 086m 10s
In this episode we break down what unit rate means. After that I go through examples to give everyone a more concrete understanding.
Wants vs Needs
2021 Mar 066m 9s
This episode talks about the difference between wants and needs. It also teaches a strategy you can you use next time you are shopping.
Fixed vs. Variable Cost
2021 Feb 289m 26s
Today's podcast is all about the difference between fixed and variable cost, as well as discussing the benefits they both can have on your budget.
Opportunity Cost
2021 Feb 277m 47s
This is an introduction to what Young Finances is all about as well as teaching about what opportunity cost is. This include both the benefits and consequences.
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