The #BalancingLife Show
  • Steluta Leu
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This podcast is all about bringing you simple, actionable tips & tricks to help you transform your physical and mental health, solve real-life problems, heal, grow and find a bit of balance in the midst of this crazy world. Here we talk about it all: nutrition, fasting, and weight loss, exercise, moving and strengthening your body, sleep, mental clarity, focus, brain health and longevity, managing stress & anxiety, sun, fun, including sexuality, play, and spirituality. Please make sure to subscribe & leave us a review and help us spread love, health, and healing to as many people as possible.


How to make balanced meals when you hate cooking. - Lisa Marie Hunstock, with Steluta Leu
2021 Jun 2254m 48s
This might come as a surprise to you, but many women hate cooking.
How To Turn Your Life Around. From Suicidal Thoughts To Successful Multipreneur - Kara-Lynn Palmer, with Steluta Leu
2021 May 0754m 42s
Life is a rollercoaster: one day you’re up, the next you’re down. Hitting rock-bottom usually happens fast. Coming out of there? Well, that’s a totally different story. The process of recovery, most of the time, takes much longer than the fall. And it requires a lot of hard work, commitment, and determination to turn your life around. In this episode, I’m chatting with Kara-Lynn Palmer, a successful single mom multipreneur, about overcoming physical and emotional trauma, the importance of having the proper guidance and support, and the secret to her successful life turnaround. Kara-Lynn Palmer experienced a traumatic brain injury that turned her life was upside down. She was placed into survival mode. Needing to learn to walk, talk, eat, enjoy sounds and light again. Going from super single mom to suicidal wishes was traumatic. She was blessed to turn this around, which gave her the grace and strength to get to where she is today: a strong independent survivor of her challenges and running multiple businesses.
How To Carve Out Time For Yourself - Guanina Palermo-Pinckney, Ph.D., with Steluta Leu
2021 Mar 3157m 6s
Women are born givers: we give it all to our families, friends, careers, social causes that speak to us, you name it. Most of the time, the last person we’re giving to is ourselves. This happens because of many reasons like societal expectations, upbringing, and learned models. But it also happens because of a self-perceived lack of time. In this episode of #thebalancing life show, we’re talking about how to carve out time for ourselves in such a fast-paced, no work-life boundaries, crazy world. My guest in this episode wears many hats herself: Guanina G. Palermo-Pinckney is a mother of three, a disabled Air Force Veteran, and an entrepreneur of a health and wellness business, which promotes guided awareness.
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