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6/6/2021 - Week 9
2021 Jun 0741m 38s
Blake and Adam breakdown the matchups by crediting and blaming players for the victory or the defeat.  Adam hangs his head in shame. Your podcasters also pick who they think is best set up to win the league and who should start planning our Phoenix trip for 2022. We play a fun game of "higher or lower" with BWJ's ownership percentage.  Finally, Blake shares two family corner stories.
5/30/2021 - Week 8
2021 May 3143m 32s
Blake and Adam recap the close action in this week's matchups.  We debut a new "Blake the Lines" segment with an adequate (as opposed to special) guest.  Lastly, we wish league member and our 10th listener Josh Urdang a very happy and well-fed birthday.
5/23/2021 - Week 7
2021 May 2427m 53s
Blake and Adam ponder the meaning of their collective existence as they are now a combined 0-8 over the last 4 weeks. Your fearless podcasters trudge on breaking down all of the matchups this week.  Blake debuts a new "Intervention" segment.  Blake also checks in on Luis Castillo (jerk).  Finally, a huge, mega, awesome announcement is made.  You won't want to miss it.
5/16/2021 - Week 6
2021 May 1737m 41s
Blake and Adam examine the reality that our teams kind of suck, but are comforted by the fact that Chris has had historically bad luck, and thus we are fairly certain that God does not hate us but rather hates Chris.  We are also unlikely to praise Jason during the podcast.  We air Part 2 of Adam's interview with Janie McCauley (@JanieMcCAP) where we discuss Ichiro's rookie season, hall of fame snubs, and the impact of fantasy sports on sports journalism.  Lastly, a brief tribute to the late Richie Scheinblum, who passed away on May 10, 2021.  He was a distant relative of Adam's and a noteworthy Jewish baseball player in an era with few (making the 1972 All-Star team as a member of the Kansas City Royals).
5/9/2021 - Week 5
2021 May 1033m 29s
Blake and Adam once again discuss the weekly matchups while pissing off their wives on Mother's Day!  It's also the the season of no-hitters - Blake and Adam deep dive into this week's lack of offensive action with current and historical perspectives.  Lastly, we have Part 1 of a very special interview with someone who will undoubtedly be our most famous guest ever.  Who is it?  You will have to listen to find out!
5/2/2021 - Week 4
2021 May 0322m 51s
After riding high as the two top scorers last week, Blake and Adam cannibalize each other this week after their collectively awful showing in week 4.  They dissect Josh Urdang's weekly points performance and also the passion he has for video games.  Blake and Adam also analyze this week's waiver wire moves and correct errors from previous episodes.
4/25/2021 - Week 3
2021 Apr 2621m 27s
Blake and Adam recap the action in Week 3: every matchup is discussed. Blake and Adam also break down the blockbuster trade between Zetlin and Aaron, do a deep dive on the now infamous Giancarlo Stanton drop, and debut a new feature "Pardon My Blake."
4/18/2021 - Week 2
2021 Apr 1925m 41s
Another week, another no-hitter against Todd!  Blake and Adam recap another action-packed week of Fantasy Baseball. They also welcome their very first special guest to the Podcast. The most attentive listeners will know who it is right away.
04/11/2021 - Week 1
2021 Apr 1220m 9s
Blake and Adam recap an exciting Week 1 of Fantasy Baseball action.  They review an action packed Sunday night both in real baseball and in fantasy transactions, top performers and bottom-feeders along with a recap of notable IL players.  Finally, Blake and Adam discuss the controversial mid-season rule change suggestion.
04/10/2021 - Draft Recap
2021 Apr 1124m 5s
Blake and Adam recap the league draft. We go over who we would “supermatch” and who we thought got the best and worst valued players.
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