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Revelling in the ordinary


Episode 3 - The Rule Of Three
2021 Jun 011h 16m 25s
//Good News First//Keeping It Cummings With Good Moustache Vibes//Grief In The Time Of Covid//There But For The Grace Of Universal Healthcare//When Your Cat Turns Yellow, Take Them To The Vet//The Material Basis For Weathering Trauma//If You're Depressed Your Plants Are Depressed//Depression Era Relationship To Possessions//Riding The 3rd Wave In Southern MB//
Episode 2 - 2021: A Hammock Odyssey
2021 May 161h 37m 56s
//Hammock Odyssey//Getting Vaccinated//Gene's Clown Collar//Ruddy Ducks//They Militarized The Value Village//Leviathan Wakes//Wuthering Heights the song//
Episode 1 - High Hopes
2021 Apr 261h 21m 52s
Jill and Jonathan are trying to live the sweet life in Winnipeg during the Covid-19 pandemic.
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