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Welcome to "What's On Your Mind," a new weekly podcast where we talk about what's on our mind. From listening to success stories, to sharing her own experiences you will hear it all from your host, Yanaiya, and of course, you'll get the inside scoop from some of your favorite creators and entrepreneurs! Each week, we will feature a small business we've been loving to show our support for creators and entrepreneurs during this time. In the end, we are keeping it real, with having real conversations with our guests and you so come along on the journey. We are so glad you are here!


Elizabeth Molina: How and Why Makeup Became Her Warpaint, Finding Her Passion and so much more
2021 Jun 1553m 46s
Today, Yanaiya talks to Tedx speaker, model on a mission, and the founder of The Molina Glow, Elizabeth Molina! We talk about finding her passion, and her troubles she faced and how she found the strength to push through them!
What's on MY Mind: what i have done to stay productive at home and things that have kept me sane during COVID
2021 Jun 0837m 38s
Today, Yanaiya talks about her productivity tips and things she has done to maintain same and have some normalcy and order during COVID!
Sarah Cuervo: Manifestation, Changing her attitude, Shifting her Mindset, Her Influencer Journey and so much more
2021 Jun 0150m 50s
Today, yanaiya talks to @sarita.cu about so much! We dive into her spiritual journey, how she manifests and things she has learned! We also dive into her influencer journey and the ups and downs she faced while getting to where she is! Enjoy yall!!
Sandy Lin: Working through turbulence, networking for a business and so much more
2021 May 2551m 51s
Today, Yanaiya talks to Sandy Lin, the founder of Small Business Tips, the go-to business resource hub, community, and ecosystem for you to launch, scale, and connect. We talk about so much! From her moms journey with cancer and how it completely changed her life to networking and even journaling. This was truly an amazing episode! An amazing story.
Get to Know Me Tag
2021 May 1826m 27s
Today, you guys get to know Yanaiya a little more! We do a little mini get to know me tag and talk about a few upcoming podcast updates! One which includes an update regarding the small business feature segment! Spoiler alert: y’all will soon be able to submit your favorite small businesses or your own small business to get a shoutout in the podcast! Hope you all enjoy the episode and PLEASE don’t forget to read up on Indias covid crisis, we talk a little more about it in the next solo episode!
Alak Vasa: Her Spiritual Journey and How Meditation Changed Her Life
2021 May 1150m
Today, Yanaiya talks to Alak Vasa, the founder of @elementstruffles. From being a trader on wall street to making a crazy pivot to pursuing her dreams and starting her own Ayurvedic chocolate line, she shares her secrets on how she remains grounded and in tune with herself! Spoiler alert, it is a lot easier than you think! In this weeks episode we talk about meditation and how Alak found her purpose! Enjoy y'all!
Taylor Price: Taking Charge of Her Life, Overcoming Lupus and Persevering!
2021 May 0439m 37s
Today, Yanaiya talks to the one and only, Taylor Price. Taylor is the founder of Tapintuit, a financial education platform and content creator garnering over 1 million followers on TikTok and Instagram. She has built up her business and brand and today she talks about her productivity tips and walks us through her day to day life of being a 20 year old entrepreneur!
Welcome To What's On Your Mind
2021 Apr 271m 38s
Welcome to "What's On Your Mind," a weekly podcast where we will dive deep into many success stories, learn from them, and reflect on our own lives at the same time! Bi-weekly, you will be hearing from your host, Yanaiya. She'll be getting into the nitty gritty talking all about what's on her mind, and yours! Whether it be about how COVID has impacted our lives or tech or traveling (maybe even to space), we will talk about it all!
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