Moments With Bella
  • Isabelle Nkemdi
8 episodes
Inspirational, religious talks, motivational words


2021 Mar 267m 4s
You have a responsibility in life, how are you handling it?
Speak Life
2021 Mar 265m 39s
Whatever situation You find yourself always speak life
Divine Timing
2021 Feb 235m 14s
Prepare yourself for your Divine Timing so that you will not be taken by surprise
The Blood Of Jesus
2021 Feb 2314m 43s
It has the power to transform. - Renew your mind.
2021 Feb 153m 24s
Procrastination is a disease that if allowed can cause regret
You are loved
2021 Feb 151m 27s
God loves you and He is Thinking of you
The Grace of God
2021 Feb 142m 8s
God gives His Grace according to His will. Make use of the grace so that it doesn't go to waste
He has the Final say
2021 Feb 101m 50s
Trial episode
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