• Harrison Lichtner
7 episodes
Aelin and Harrison take on the dating world as a friendship team of bisexual disasters.


Info Dump
2021 Jun 0941m 20s
Aelin and Hope have a lot to catch up on. We're trying to do this weekly, we swear.
"Chinese" Food
2021 May 1448m 48s
Aelin and Hope are a mess. Moreso than usual.
2021 Apr 2946m 47s
Aelin and Hope share war stories.
A New Hope
2021 Apr 2047m 39s
Harrison is no longer. Hope, however, is still terrible at this. Aelin tries to keep them in check.
002 A Modest Proposal
2021 Apr 0656m 42s
Aelin and Harrison determine if they are each respectively bi enough.
Types of Lesbians
2021 Mar 2957m 39s
Harrison and Aelin will always have Hoxton.
2021 Mar 251h 1m 4s
Aelin and Harrison are both recently single and are  both bisexual disasters. Do Attend.
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