For the love of books
  • Emma Palova
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Author Jean Davis maximizes writing during Covid
2021 Apr 0953m 17s
Indie author Jean Davis turned unfinished stories languishing on her hard drive into a publishing reality in the Covid era.
Mystery author Luba Lesychyn takes us behind the scenes of the Royal Ontario Museum
2021 Mar 2448m 21s
Canadian Indie author Luba Lesychyn worked for a reputable international museum where artwork was stolen, and then it appeared again on the doorsteps of the museum. You decide which is true and which is fiction. Navigating all this are characters Kalena and the museum guard Marco.
Indie author and advocate Diana Plopa writes in different genres
2021 Mar 1740m 5s
Indie author Diana Plopa is a prolific writer who has penned nine books in nine different genres. Listen in to her secrets how not to get mixed up the genres and why she believes any text is sacred.
For the love of Books Podcast
2021 Mar 102m 37s
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Winter BookFest rolls into Final Week
2021 Feb 232m 50s
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Virtual Festival souvenirs
2021 Feb 231m 32s
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