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You are probably sitting there wondering how to start your business or even how to grow it. Well don't you despair because you are at the right place. So come and sit at the table with thedandowman where he engages in conversations with top entrepreneurs, small business owners and specialists where they share their experiences in their own entrepreneurial journeys and offer some valuable advice and insights on what you can do in order to start and grow your own business.


Business Profiles: How eChankura are planning to shake the eCommerce market
2021 Jun 1544m 53s
I recently sat down with chairman of Tafari Capital which is the parent company of the soon to be launched company eChankura, Dr Lehlokoe.
Trailblazers: Kim Whitaker- From cleaning toilets to creating memorable experiences for others
2021 Jun 081h 3m 32s
Kim Whitaker had traveled the world, worked at hotels doing odd jobs like cleaning toilets and so on. It was through all those experiences that had a light bulb moment of starting a hostel of her own 💡
Trailblazers: Luvuyo Rani - From Madman to Self-made man
2021 Jun 0155m 7s
When Luvuyo Rani quit his stable job to job to start his first business they said his was mad, his response is if people are not saying you are mad then it's not good enough.
Trailblazers: Zareef Minty - SA'S own Richard Branson?
2021 May 251h 5m 42s
On this week's episode I sit down with Zareef Minty, who has managed to accomplish so many things at such a young.
Business Profiles : How AriaLab LLC is revolutionizing business with spreadsheets
2021 May 1838m 2s
Don't forget to subscribe to our podcast to get more content like this. So I recently caught up with the co-founder and CEO of AriaLabs LLC which specializes in spreadsheet design, development and consulting.⌨️📈
How to identify and find your perfect customer
2021 May 1417m 30s
The reason your business is not growing is because you are trying to reach everyone and the golden rule is: if you try to reach everyone, then you won't reach anyone.
Entrepreneurship advice - from the grape vine
2021 Apr 278m
This is the advice you didn't think you needed but actually do from the biggest trailblazers around. From Steve Jobs to Richard Branson to Mark Zuckerberg, Mark Cuban, Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson. Find out what their best advice is for you as an entrepreneur. Check out our Youtube channel - Instagram :@TalkingSmart
How to find the right employees for your business with Noks Dlamini
2021 Apr 1336m 47s
I recently had an insightful and informative interview with Mrs N Dlamini who is a recruitment specialist and also a content creator on YouTube.
How to win the internal battle of deciding which business to get into
2021 Mar 3013m 27s
On this episode I'll be giving you 3 steps which will lead you to making the decision of which business you should get into 💯
Small businesses matter- #smallbizsupportmondays
2021 Mar 234m 46s
In this week I tell you more about our new initiative, #smallbizsupportmondays. Listen in and find out how you can be part of this exciting new initiative 💯