Spill the PT: Real Talk in Physical Therapy
  • Physical Therapy Student's Organization (MMSU)
3 episodes
Spill the PT will serve as entertainment that permits active listening and learning and allows for consumption of information in the Physical Therapy (PT) community.


EP 3: The strengths and struggles of a physical therapy student
2021 May 1218m 39s
Hey there kaPTids! Come and join us in our very last podcast this semester. Tune in with our host, Danielle Christiana Taylor, and her co-host, Lenard Cabalagnan as they talk about the strengths and struggles that a Physical Therapy student may encounter.
EP 2: A Conversation About Mindset and Personal Experiences
2021 Apr 2632m 33s
Join our host, Danielle Christiana Taylor, together with her co-host, Lenard Cabalagnan in a special conversation with our guests for today, Precious Abigail, Daphne, and Dirylle as they introduce themselves and talk about what it means to have a healthy mindset about their situation this pandemic, their perceptions on online class, and why a healthy mindset is an important tool throughout our endeavors in becoming a Physical Therapists in the future. Tune in to our 2nd episode of Spill the PT to learn more gems about our guests ;)
EP1: Introduction
2021 Apr 074m 1s
Hi everyone! Welcome to PTSO's Spill the PT: Real Talk in Physical Therapy first ever episode.
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