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People Like Me is a Podcast where I share some of my life's journey and how I overcame the traumas of my childhood and other life experiences. Here at People Like Me, we are not afraid to speak on what's Real, what's Truthful and what's Matter of fact! It's a place where open hearted, spiritually conscious and aware folks can come to be inspired, uplifted, informed and enlightened. Enjoy the conversations and the content. Please Like, Subscribe and Share.


"F" Your Plans
2021 Apr 051h 37m 14s
On todays episode of People Like Me I speak about the ever changing effects of life and how one minute things can be amazing and just a second later all hell can break loose. No matter who you are, where you are in life or how wealthy you are, at any moment real life can happen. What happens when your back-up plan(s) fall through? Do you have a support system or are "you"the support system for yourself and others? So dive on in and listen and tell me how you feel. Message here or email People Like Me at soulfulartist1@gmail.com. Enjoy the Podcast!
House Guest or Naw
2021 Mar 171h 51m 9s
On this episode of the People Like Me Podcast, we dive right into the true reality that it doesn't take much to find yourself in a place of need, especially these days. But what happens when that need is a Home/Housing/Shelter? Have you ever invited anyone to live with you in their time of hardship? Have you ever had to move in with someone due to starting over or hardship of your own? Are people really genuine when they send out those rose smelling invites that in many cases end up being filled with a sack of you know what or are there really ulterior motives at play? This one is a good family so sit back and take a listen. Please feel free to send me a message if you resonate with or just love the Podcast. Thank you People Like Me!
The Hustle 2021 Ain't Nothing Changed... or Has It?
2021 Feb 0930m 49s
Today on the People Like Me Podcast I'm joined by my cousin and his best friend as we discuss 2021 and the New Era that the world has been thrust into after facing a huge and deadly pandemic. We discuss a bit of our own struggles and what we've been doing to hustle, survive and make ends meet. Join us in this fun and lively conversation and message us afterwards on how you're managing to maintain your self in the wake of this New Way of Living and Being. You can also email People Like Me at soulfulartist1@gmail.com. Enjoy Peeps!
Staring Over Stories
2021 Jan 081h 15m 13s
On this episode of the People Like Me Podcast I'm so excited to finally launch this Podcast after a roller coaster of events prohibited me from moving forward in the New Year. Here I introduce myself to the masses so to speak. You'll get to know a bit about who I am, where I come from and you'll get a layout on what to expect from the podcast. There's a bonus towards the end that I'm hoping you'll like. Feel free to message me and follow me. Please hit the "Favorite" button for the "People Like Me" Podcast if you like what you here and resonate with me or any of the content. Now, sit back, relax, listen and get to know me and the People Like Me Podcast. Enjoy!
People Like Me (Trailer)
2020 Dec 2855s
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