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In this podcast I will talk about everything gaming including things about Fortnite, New Call of Duty Games, Call of Duty Warzone, Black ops cold war, modern warfare, minecraft and a bunch of other things for you to stay tuned in for. This podcast is entertaining and it will surely provide you with some gaming information. I may also talk about other stuff besides gaming so stay tuned and ENJOY!!!


Will Gaming Ever Die!! Also Will All Gamers Stop Playing!!
2021 Jun 099m 9s
In this podcast I see if Gaming Will Ever Die and Will All Gamers Stop Playing Games. So stay tuned for this epic podcast... Also there is a lot of fun statistics and more so enjoy!!!!
World War 2 Vanguard CONFIRMED and MY Thoughts on the Game
2021 May 126m 41s
In this podcast I talk about world war 2 vanguard being confirmed, my thoughts on the game and more. So stay tuned and enjoy
Warzone vs Fortnite: My Thoughts
2021 Apr 2913m 54s
In this episode, I put warzone to the test against fortnite, two of the biggest battle royale games to date. I argue which one is better which leads t warzone beating fortnite because... watch the podcast to find out. Also make sure to follow and share so i can grow. Thanks for watching, hopefully you learned something, and goodbye.
Everything Positive about Call of Duty Season 3 and More
2021 Apr 257m 46s
In this podcast I talk about everything positive, yes positive, in Call of Duty Season 3 and more. I also talk about solutions to some problems and what i love about the new season. Make sure to follow and share. Hopefully you learned something during this podcast and you enjoyed it.
Everything New In Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Things They NEED to Add
2021 Apr 2411m 57s
In this podcast i will be discussing everything thats new in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone. I will also talking about things they need to add this instant. Make sure to share and follow. Hopefully this episode teaches you something new and/or you learn about the new things in Call of Duty Warzone, Cold War and More.
Everything Wrong With Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War
2021 Apr 1710m 21s
In this episode I talk about everything wrong with Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, which is a lot of things including guns, maps, zombies, league play, graphics and more. Also make sure to follow, like and share this podcast with everyone.
Why Fortnite Will Never Die and Things They Should Add to The Game
2021 Apr 1313m 30s
In this episode we will be talking about why after all these years fortnite is not completely dead and things that i think they should add to the game of Fortnite. Hopefully you learn something, in this amazing episode of Gaming Thoughts by HeavyPodcasts.
The Fall of Fall Guys
2020 Oct 0811m 40s
Hello. Welcome to another podcast and in today's podcast I talk about the downfall or fall of fall guys.
2020 Aug 1811m 19s
In this episode I talk about the extremely sad downfall of Fortnite. I cover everything that happened to fortnite to make it not popular after an unstoppable growth. Enjoy and thank you.
2020 Aug 1710m 3s
In this episode we talk about the recently popular game, fall guys, and Fortnite's downfall with apple and Google taking hits at it and fall guys being a better game. This is a extremely important episode.