• Chainnedbee
1 episode
Are you overwhelmed by the uncertainties while being in our 20s? Well, me too! We can have this podcast as our ground to talk about life while transitioning to the adult life.


Just start now! First episode. Geez.. It took me a while to start my podcast. Lol
2021 Jan 2224m 52s
Listen here pal, I am taking this step to start now. You should too! This first episode is like me telling myself to start the things I wanted to achieve. Quit dreaming and imagining things, just start now and make it a reality. Live the dream and start now, stop living in the loop of doubts and be drowned by sea of regrets. Who cares? At least you gave it a try. This is what being 20s i about. It's about trial, errors, and testing the waters. Just do it already as long as you won't be hurting anyone. Make it worthwhile.
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