Our Ancient Future Story
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Our Ancient Future Story: Navigating Scripture Through The Eyes of Family. We as Christ followers, are children of God, co-heirs with Christ, adopted into God’s family, but now that we are in the family of God there is an Ancient Future story that we need to learn to tell us all about this Amazing family we are now a part of. And we need to know this story. Throughout this podcast we will open the pages of history and step back in time to recount and relive our story. We will walk with family and discover each town, explore major kingdoms, and experience miraculous victories. My hope is that at the end of this podcast we will see that these are not just characters in a story that someone just thought up and wrote down. But that these are Actual people, who really lived, and who are our ancestors. So, I encourage you to grab a cup of coffee and find a comfortable place to sit and get ready to hear scripture like never before…Through the Eyes of Family.


Part 2: God's Covenant with Abram
2021 Jun 1728m 33s
In this episode with discuss the 2nd part of God's Covenant with Abram. We see Abram and Sarai's name to Abraham and Sarah. We will see that this chapter is the beginning of God's redemptive plan and how Abraham and Sarah's descendants have a part to play in it.
Abram and Hagar
2021 May 2822m 23s
In this week's episode we discuss the story of Abram, Hagar, and the birth of Ishmael. We discuss how this story falls between the two covenant chapters, and how this story affects the covenant that God made with Abram. In this story we see how Abram's decision to listen to Sarai over God would change the world forever. Abram's children become two great nations who lived at war with one another in Canaan. And even today in 2021, thousands of years later, these two nations are still at odds with one another. And it all started int this week's story, of Abram and Hagar.
God's Covenant With Abram
2021 May 2124m 1s
Today we are talking about covenants. Specifically, the Abrahamic Covenant that God establishes with Abram. A covenant is like a contract between two parties. Today, 2021 a contract is made by signing an agreement and possibly a handshake. But back in Abram’s time covenants were made by sacrificing an animal. This was a sacred act and used only for really important matters, because something had to die for this contract to be sealed. Today we are going to find out what that important matter was for Abram.
Our Ancient Future Story
2021 Apr 2816m 10s
In this Episode, I explain Why I wanted to begin this podcast. As well as explain the genealogy of God' family, from Adam to Jesus. There is a Lot of History, but we break it down so that we can see how we fit into God's Story.
God Calls Abram
2021 Apr 2822m 20s
In this episode we discuss Genesis 12,  God's call to Abram, we discover what God was promising Abram, where God told him to go, and who went with him.  We see why it is interesting that God spoke to Abram, and why Abram seems unfazed at the call to leave his hometown.
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