• Parthib Bose
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Psychology in Bengali is a source of research-based, unbiased, actionable and educational psychology content with tremendous quality. Every educational video here is made in Bengali language so that the majority of people speaking the same language are able to learn and apply the newly gathered knowledge without any hesitance.


10 Psychological Hacks That Will Easy Your Life | Psychology In Bengali | EP 02
2021 May 046m 19s
10 amazing psychological hacks / facts / tips দুনিয়াতে যদি সবচেয়ে complex জিনিসগুলোর কথা বলেন তার মধ্যে একটি হলো human behavior and human brain. তাই প্রতিনিয়তই মানুষের psychy বোঝার জন্য নতুন নতুন research publish হতে থাকে । তাই আজকে আমরা human behaviour নিয়ে এমন 10টি গোপন কিন্তু সহজ psychological hacks এর কথা জানবো |
Intelligence Vs Personality : কোনটা বেশি গুরুত্বপূর্ণ ? Ep 01
2021 Apr 246m 25s
Personality vs Intelligence is a debate that create lots of different opinions. But which is more important? Intelligence or Personality? Both are really important for the society and also for the success of a person.  Watch the podcast until the end to find out what is more important, you'll be surprised!  Lot's of people might have different opinions from the one we present in this video and that's okay, as mentioned above it's a debate topic. Leave in the comments what you find more important between personality and intelligence and tell us why!
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