It Is What It Is
  • Miriam and Moraa
6 episodes
Two ordinary girls talking about life, hot topics and general chit-chat whilst dropping unfiltered tea along the way. Instagram: Email:


Ep 6. Body Image and The Influence Of Society
2021 May 1746m 8s
In this episode, we discuss how society shaped our views on body image as well as the negative effects that stem from social media.
Ep 5. Trends
2021 Apr 3033m 35s
In this extremely delayed episode, we discuss both past and present trends as well as our thoughts on them and why we don't like them.
Ep 4. Our Experiences Of Being A Woman In Society
2021 Mar 2838m 19s
In this episode, we discuss our personal experiences, opinions and thoughts on being a woman in society from our childhood, education and as a working woman.
Ep 3. Advice and Dilemmas
2021 Mar 2037m 15s
Well guys... one step closer to consistency! In this episode, we give our advice and opinions on the topics you guys sent in on Instagram, all with a little bit of shade.
Ep 2. Success and Failures
2021 Feb 2825m 19s
We are finally back with episode 2! Join us as we discuss how our attitude and mentality has changed how we view our successes and failures.
Ep 1. Where It All Started
2020 Dec 2029m 1s
Welcome to our first ever episode! We are so excited and nervous so sorry for any mistakes (keep it moving) BUT join us on the journey to where it all started on our first ever holiday to Paris!
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