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Episode 11: Purpose & Intent
2021 Jun 101h 23m 21s
Is a person's purpose and intent ever an excuse or reason for their behaviour? We explore the idea and our belief of Conversation over Cancellation, with the idea of getting to the root of what people are truly trying to communicate when they say or do something.
The Uncomfortable Community: Janessa Laureano
2021 Jun 071h 55m 39s
We sit down and speak with our friend Janessa Laureano in our new mini-series called 'The Uncomfortable Community'. Janessa is a world traveller, small business owner, athlete, and the list goes on. Simply put - she is truly an inspirational individual who consistently pushes herself out of her Comfort Zone to achieve high and consistent levels of Self-Growth.
Episode 10: A Quick Reflection
2021 May 271h 5m 23s
Dan and I take a minute to reflect on the first 10 episodes of the podcast - How it started, how far we've come and how much the podcast has exceeded any of our expectations.
Episode 9: Accountability
2021 May 2457m 27s
Probably one of the most difficult, yet most important factor to Self-Growth - Accountability. Do you have the ability to be brutally honest with yourself in order to improve? Should you extend that honesty to others or can it be harmful and hinder their ability to grow.
Uncomfortable Conversations Part 1: Belief vs Conviction
2021 May 2038m 7s
A mini-series within our Podcast which stemmed from when a simple question asked by Dan 'When does Faith become Conviction?' was answered by Dan in the form of devil's advocate with 'When you decide to stop Self-Growth'.
Episode 8: Imagine. Execute. Repeat.
2021 May 171h 9m 43s
We talk about another one of our quintessential Pillars of CCZ - Inspiration & Implementation. Where does inspiration come from - Does it come from the influence of others or can it be conjured in one's own mind. However, without Implementation - does Inspiration hold such importance?
Episode 7: Community. Cool, Cool, Cool
2021 May 131h 4m 55s
In this episode, we only scrape the surface on one of our Pillars of CCZ, that being Community. What they are, what they mean, and what they do. Also, our we touch on the idea and hopes of creating/developing our own 'Uncomfortable Community'.
Episode 6: It’s Not Dark; It’s Deep
2021 May 101h 2m 1s
Expectations. Do they inspire? Do they lead to disappointment? We explore the idea of perception to expectations and the way they can shape our reactions, emotions and ultimately ourselves.
Episode 5: Silver Linings; Not the Playbook
2021 May 0751m 56s
This episode is all about the concept of the personal perception. We explore the idea of finding the 'good' in the 'bad' and how your approach and outlook can either encourage or hinder your self growth. Dan touches upon the positives that has come from his accident, a situation most find hard to even imagine.
Episode 4: We Locked Up
2021 May 0448m 5s
We reflect on the third Lockdown orders issued in Ontario. How it effects us being small business owners, our daily lives and our perspective on the current state of what seems to be frustration towards to the Canadian Government’s handling of the situation.