Just an average teenager wanting to be above average
  • Diego Vargas
4 episodes
Just an average teenager who wants to be more than average. I’ll talk about what I do and what you should do. I’ll tell you the stuff other people won’t.


Important Moments
2021 May 021h 7m 50s
Important moments in our life that we felt has lead us on the path we are today. Evaluate yourself like no other. Be a dick and be yourself.
Why You Shouldn't Like girls
2021 Apr 2429m 51s
This episode is in direct contrast with the previous episode. We explore from our perspective, why dating a woman at our age is waste of time and how women can step up their game.
Why Girls Don't Like You
2021 Apr 1026m 12s
Girls don't like you because you're a piece of trash and youre just like everyone else. Learn how to better your self with us.
2021 Mar 211s
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