Journey to Wellness
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Welcome to the Journey to Wellness podcast, where we invite wellness-related professionals to share their stories, passions, and expertise. This podcast series is produced by the Essential Wellness Society and is sponsored by The Rooted Herbalist and Embrace Her. Learn more about the Essential Wellness Society at and join us on Facebook at


Forest Bathing with Summer
2021 Jun 0813m 4s
In this episode, we are talking with Summer Lajoie about the health benefits of nature. We explore forest bathing and sit spots, and simple related practices you can do at home.
Exploring Physical Therapy with Chera
2021 Jun 0117m 52s
In this episode, we are exploring physical therapy, dry needling, posture, and taking a preventative approach to address areas of tension before they become a pervasive problem.
Singing is good for our wellbeing with Amy
2021 May 2715m 38s
Listen in to learn about the wellbeing-related benefits of singing, and to receive some tips for overcoming fear and self-doubt that hold us back from fully using our voice – whether speaking, singing, or figuratively.
Exploring Creativity with Vivian
2021 May 1425m 7s
What does ‘creativity’ really entail? Does creativity really live in us all? Today we are exploring creativity with Vivian Geffen. We explore why creativity is important to our overall health and wellbeing and how to cultivate a creative mindset.
Self-Talk and Wellbeing
2021 Apr 2219m 22s
What impact does our self-talk have on our wellbeing? Today we are chatting with Beth Eldridge, who will help us explore simple techniques for shifting negative self-talk.
Reducing your toxic load with Carole
2021 Apr 1635m 29s
Carole Fehrman is the creator and founder of Natural Mama Collective. She is a toxin free educator teaching women/moms simple changes to live a more toxin free life. She designed an online course called 12 Weeks to Toxin Free, where she starts from the basics and helps women feel more empowered in their toxin free journey. She’s a wife to her high school sweetheart (Dr. Cody), and a momma to two sweet kiddos.
Relational Wellbeing with Stephen and Erin
2021 Apr 1345m 44s
What is the importance of focusing on the quality of our relationships for our overall health and wellbeing? We bring our individual experiences and stories into our personal relationships and we may not always understand how our past is impacting our present. Today we are chatting with Stephen and Erin Mitchell, creators of the Create Your Couple Story course, who are passionate about providing education to strengthen relationships.
Intuitive Eating With Casey
2021 Apr 0331m 51s
What is the importance of eating intuitively and how can we improve our relationship with food? Making changes to our eating habits can feel overwhelming, especially with so many ‘fad’ diets out there. Today we are chatting with Casey Fessler with MAMA Tried Meal Prep. Casey helps us shift our perspective and gives us practical tips to shifting our approach to eating.
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