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We will discuss topics about life, relationships, society, family, music, pop culture, tv, and much much more. Episodes every Wednesday at 7am. You will be able to listen on anywhere you listen to podcast. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ashjules/support


Is Outside Open?
2021 Jun 1638m 20s
In today's episode, we talk about if outside is open, quarantining, and how people be filth.
Moving Expenses and Adulting
2021 Jun 0941m 22s
In today's episode, we talk about moving expenses, scamming the government, and learning to adult in a world that doesn't teach you how to do anything.
Conspiracy Theories
2021 Jun 0239m 47s
In today's episode, we talk about different conspiracy theories.
Ranking Social Medias
2021 May 2643m 55s
In today's episode, we rank all the social media we have used in our lives and our roleplaying days.
OnlyFans & Influencer Culture
2021 May 1940m 29s
In today's episode, we talk about the negative impacts of social media and influencers and about how kids want to take the fast track to money. Also, we touch on the topic of OnlyFans and how some people feel the need to overexpose themselves.
Relationship Styles & Marriage
2021 May 1252m 57s
In today's episode, we talk about the different types of relationship styles and marriage.
Remote Learning & Remote Work
2021 May 0553m 44s
In today's episode, we talk about remote learning and remote working and why we need to do to get back to "normal."
Family Judgement
2021 Apr 2846m 1s
In today's episode, we speak about the different aspects about being judged by your family and what we can do to do better with future generations.
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