SelfCav with Pulane
  • Pulane Thabane
6 episodes
This podcast is about learning how to love yourself and how to show up fully and intentionally for your life. It touches on lessons learned in the navigation of life on issues such as the relationship you have with yourself and others, creating abundance and managing your finances as well as navigating your purpose, living intentionally and taking care of your mental health.


Love Yourz- Nurturing Contentment
2021 May 0923m 1s
In this episode, I reflect on Love Yourz by J. Cole- dissecting contentment and how we can find and nurture contentment.
Finding your path- Choosing you.
2021 May 0226m 21s
In this episode, Sam Nyamo talks about making the jump from Law to Property Development in Kenya and deciding always to put his happiness and fulfillment first.
How can I help you? - Building self-compassion
2021 Apr 2534m 2s
In this episode, I chat with @botle_sp a mental health practitioner on self-compassion, it’s benefits and how we can apply it in our lives. Stay tuned.
Who, me? - Dealing with imposter syndrome.
2021 Apr 1835m 2s
Welcome to Episode 2. I have a special guest Sebabatso Chonela, she’s a creative writer and performer and we’re talking about imposter syndrome in both professional and creative spaces. I hope you enjoy!
Who do you think you are? - Developing a positive self-concept.
2021 Apr 1123m 48s
Welcome to the first episode of SelfCav with Pulane. In this episode, I talk about developing a healthy self concept by being intentional about the thoughts you think about yourself, the opinions you listen to and the media you consume. Enjoy!
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