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The Popcorn Effect is a podcast that explores, reviews, and ranks movies with a special emphasis on their effects on film-making and the world in general. You can call me H or SPASMODIC as I am known on YouTube and my goal is to bring you an engaging and insightful look into TV and Film. You can find me on YouTube with the link below The official Instagram for SPASMODIC can be found using the link below


Why Are Movie Sequels Always So Bad?
2021 Apr 2850m 21s
We have all been there. There is an incredible movie and we just can't wait for the sequel. We go to the theater, buy our popcorn, and sit down to a disappointing sequel. Of course not ALL movie sequels are horrible, but it is sad just how often amazing movies are followed up by disappointing and underwhelming sequels. Today we talk about why sequels tend to fail, what makes a bad sequel, and most importantly how to make a great movie sequel! We use real movie examples and we talk about everything from Star Wars and Rocky to the Shrek franchise. If there is any topic that you would like us to cover, remember to let us know! What are some movie sequels that disappointed you?
What Makes a Good Film Adaptation?
2021 Apr 0147m 10s
Today my co-host and I dive into film adaptations and try and figure out what those secret ingredients are that make a film adaptation good or bad. Film adaptations come in many forms whether they are adapting books, tv shows, video games, or even previously made movie. However, film adaptations don't always end well and some of the most universally disliked movies by critics and fans alike are failed book to movie adaptations. However, many of the most beloved films were originally books, comic books, and video games. It is our goal to find out just what makes a film adaptation good.
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