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Catch the latest London Estate Agents Property market updates on our podcast. We help you stay updated with top news and events in London.


What we think about Manchester: Orlando Reid team talk - Property Investment Company
2021 Jun 113m 39s
🏙️We’re super excited to share this team talk with you and let you know how incredible Manchester is. Our Manchester office has been open for 30 days now, and the journey has been incredible for us. And having lived in London as well, we’re surprised at the potential and fantastic lifestyle Manchester offers its residents and investors.
Why do estate agents love working at Orlando Reid?
2021 Apr 302m 26s
The more we get to know people, the more we can help them,’’ says Jack Reid, Director of Orlando Reid. A culture that extends to our staff, and that’s why they enjoy working with us.  Here’s what our people say about their experience in Orlando Reid and why they recommend us to candidates looking for a great place to work.  Jack Reid and our managers share how they feel about working in Orlando Reid.
Cash buyers or Mortgage buyers? Who’s more invested?
2021 Apr 222m 20s
Are mortgage buyers different from cash buyers? Surprisingly, it all depends on the buyer’s invested interest in the property. Hear it from the Orlando Reid visionaries who share their experiences with both types of buyers and let you in on aspects you didn’t know before.
Tenants don’t have to give up well behaved pets: New pet legislation
2021 Apr 195m 38s
The housing minister Rt Hon Christopher Pincher’s new pet legislation has brought hope to the UK pet owners who were uncertain of a home move and, in some cases, had to give up their loving pet to move into a house where the landlord disapproved of pets. The UK is a pet-loving nation, but only 7% of the property on the market are pet friendly.
Property Management Service. A Yes or No?
2021 Mar 298m 59s
There’s more to property management than what you might know. With new rules and legislation that come-up every other day, it’s a hard time for landlords to keep up with the information. Besides, there can be many ‘urgent situations’ like a tenant locked out of the home and needing immediate assistance, and you’re the busy landlord, so where’s the time to deal with this and also keep your tenant happy?
‘’Orlando Reid’s all about people’’, says Jack Reid
2021 Mar 233m 6s
There’s so much you probably didn’t know about Orlando Reid and Jack and, here’s an exclusive chat with Jack Reid, Founder and Director of Orlando Reid who talks about all that matters to him and what sets them apart from other estate agents in London. From how and why we started the company to what’s great about the areas we cover and our amazing team of experienced London estate agents, watch this video that says it all!
Tax savings. All you need to know explained
2021 Mar 1211m 25s
The top three questions on tax answered by well-known tax expert Mohammad Sufyan Moavia, Director at Ibiss & Co. Taxation related to property, capital gains and inheritance, in particular, have always been challenging and expensive for most of us. This short and informative video is on these taxation policies and rates, and how you can save on tax when we enter a new year with ideas of property investments and expansions.Get in touch with the best estate agents in London now.
Evictions & Breathing Spaces: New Rules Explained
2021 Mar 105m 50s
The Covid market has, no doubt, been full of challenges and surprises throughout. The UK government introduced new regulations and legislation to protect the property sector and the wider market. Whether you’re a tenant or a landlord, the eviction rules are planned to support you in the best possible way.
2021 UK Property Market Forecast
2021 Feb 155m 36s
There's a lot going on in the 2021 London property market and the biggest question is what's happening in the real estate world and how's the property market expected to behave this year.
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