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My adventure into podcasting, talking about life and the creative process. Talking to creative people and their experience in our new normal and the challenges on how to get back to doing what they love. Also discussing the duality of creating, which makes us happy and doing jobs that pay the bills. Join us as we just talk and listen to different experiences and what everyone has going on. I hope to create a community where we can share each others projects, support and maybe collaborate. Check out my creative work at cscpaintedcreations.com and follow me Facebook just search for Beautiful Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/cindy430/support


Talking with Victoria Bartley
2021 Jun 0336m 22s
On this episode I have a chat with the winner of 2019-2020 Royal International Miss pageant, Victoria Bartley. She has combined her love of crafts and pageants and is an official sponsor for the pageant, where she sells items with crowns, glitter and bedazzle. She also has started coaching and helping anyone interested in starting a pageant journey. Take a listen and enjoy.
Talking with Judee of Makeup by Judee Jo
2021 May 2430m 49s
A wonderful spirt and person, Judee believes in making everyday glamorous and making sure you feel and look glamorous too. She has a great little shop on Maryland Ave, in downtown Annapolis. She offers great products and services and is sure to brighten your day. Be sire to check out her shop if you are local and her social media pages for events, sales and to check out products she offers.
Talking with Yana Nikol on her project Locrea
2021 May 1436m 45s
I am looking forward to the release on the 1st album of Locrea, to check out more information on the group and the mission of the group check out the links below.
Talking with Kaila of AK Jones Design
2021 Apr 2832m 33s
AK Jones Design, Kaila started a design firm with her husband and what a dynamic duo they are. She has a degree in Interior Design and He in Architecture. They are able to build on this business from start to finish and also build on their relationship. But not only has this start up firm gaining momentum, Kaila also started Herganics last year, an all natural soaps, candles and room spray line. Being a new venture it took off but with  both business taking off she has decided to put Herganics on the back burner. But is closing shop temporarily, so be sure to purchase items because once they are sold out it is out.
Talking with Lisa
2021 Apr 2147m 18s
Local crafter who loves to crochet and use recycled glass in her work. She makes a number of items check out her pages and links.
Speaking with Nelson of Nelly's Echo
2021 Apr 1338m 16s
Nelson describes what success means and how he appreciates the crowds no matter how big or small. With the Pandemic he has turned to Instagram/Facebook Live to keep himself in touch with fans and creating a happy hour of music and entertainment. Join him Tuesdays and Thursdays, and follow him with the links below. Also as things slowly start to turn into a new normal, check out the site to see tour dates coming up.
Talking with Diana, Tiny Home adventures
2021 Apr 0728m 44s
This week I got to talk to Diana, my adventurous family member who always has a business plan. This time She is going west to live in a ultra tiny home and start building. Also selling solar panels which she will be using to pay bills but ultimately live that minimalistic life. Check out her site link below, also We will be doing a go fund me for her so if you would like to donate even $1 it will help her start her way to making this plan a huge reality.
No guest but a little update
2021 Mar 314m 17s
We were not able to have the interview with blogger of Modern Day Black Mama, but we will catch up another time. Still check out her blog and facebook page. Later this week we will speak to Nelson of Nellys Echo. So stay tuned and check out any other episodes you might have missed.
Talking with John of the Witching Hour Podcast.
2021 Mar 2347m 49s
On this episode I get to talk with John who has his own Podcast, The Witching Hour.
Talking with Dan Nokes
2021 Mar 1739m 54s
Check out Dan Nokes work at 21sandshark.com also feel free to follow him on Facebook. With many years under his belt of doing Comicon's and live events to promote his art and work. In 2020 it slowed down a bit and he started to rethink and act on a new distribution approach to get his work put there. His mascot Chicken is a staple to his events and check his book dedicated to him: Chicken USDA Rejected. Check him out and enjoy the episode.