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  • Keith Anderson
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M.E.N.T -Men Empowering Neighborhoods Together
2021 May 3130m 15s
M.E.N.T a collective group of men who in community outreach. They provide employment counseling, anger management, and mentoring programs for young men tackling the issues of everyday life.
Dr. Romeo Mosely on Mental Health Resources
2021 May 3113m 47s
Dr. Romeo Mosely shares important information about accessing mental health resources in the community.
Dr. Andrea Warren -Director of the Governor's School for the Arts
2021 May 2328m 56s
Dr. Andrea Warren shares valuable information about The Governor's School programs and offerings for performing arts youth in the Hampton Roads Area.
M.E.N.T -Men Empowering Neighborhoods Together
2021 May 2330m 48s
The Men of M.E.N.T. Men Empowering Neighborhoods Together their work talk about their role in the community
Mother's Day Edition
2021 May 2321m 53s
This episode we invited our wives, Gwen Anderson- Keith's wife and Tonya Howard -Eddie's wife to share their perspective on Motherhood.
Eddie Howard - Medical Self Advocate with response by Ms. Charity
2021 Apr 2033m 43s
Eddie shares his experience on having to be a medical self advocate to ensure he received the proper medical attention. Ms. Charity responds
Dr. Romeo Mosley
2021 Apr 1413m 47s
Dr. Mosely shares information about mental health and community resources.
Doc Christian
2021 Apr 1414m 38s
Doc shares information about his life experiences.
Reggie Halsey
2021 Apr 0426m 38s
Reggie Halsey shares his story to include his rich musical history, talents, and his near death experience in a tragic car accident. Reggie talks about his story of recovery and his overwhelming faith in God.
Frankie Knox - Headstart Biz Solutions
2021 Apr 0419m 33s
Frankie Knox discusses Headstart Biz Solutions. How to get started in business and streamline your business finances.