• Turning Forward
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Grace and Alex will be diving into all things music. From what's currently going on in the industry, to what's going on in their lives, Middle C will be taking you on a wild ride. Being a young musical duo has shown to have its challenges. Join them on their journey while they not only help you, but also help themselves navigate the Musical World. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/fn-music/support


It Was Inspired By What!?
2021 May 1259m 53s
In this episode Grace and Alex interview the wonderful Jeff Malone and Richard Grasso of Two Worlds Entertainment! They will discuss their career paths and what led them to pursue music and musical theatre. If there was one episode they were most excited for you to hear, it would be this one! You don't want to miss it. Your hosts will also discuss the biggest thing that happened this week within the music industry and Grace loses her mind when that finds out that... you know what, we'll just let you figure it out yourself. Enjoy!
The Best Tacos
2021 May 0536m 13s
Cracked phones, dentist appointments, and job interviews. It's been a busy week for your two hosts. In this episode Grace and Alex will talk about their feelings on Olivia Rodrigo and more importantly, the best tacos that you could possibly get in New York. They will also talk about Billie Eilish and her new music which is just heavenly. We hope you enjoy!
Lets Talk: Spiritual Edition
2021 Apr 2824m 17s
Middle_C is back after a week long hiatus! In this shorter episode Grace and Alex will be diving into something that they're pretty interested in (and no, its not music). Alex gives Grace a tarot reading and it is scarily accurate.  They will also be interpreting this reading and Alex even gives a short tutorial on how he does his readings! This episode is short but we know you'll love it.
2021 Apr 151h 5m 13s
Hey y'all, welcome to episode 4 of Middle_C! Today we interview the wonderful Mr. Shane Peters who gives us the inside scoop on what it's like being a music teacher during this pandemic and the best course of action as a music student-to-be in high school. And, as usual, we discuss the music industry this week and create a "Besties List" of all the celebrities we would definitely be best friends with. Hope you guys enjoy!
"Pipping" Hot Tea
2021 Apr 0747m 10s
Welcome to episode 3! This week we delve into Alex's horrible spelling, get berated by a biker gang, discuss our favorite colours, stare at fire, and of course touch on our favorite music group, Pentatonix. Yes, this episode was a little chaotic, but it was so much fun to record and you are going to have just as much fun listening. See you Next week!
Lets Talk: School Edition
2021 Mar 3125m 9s
This week Grace and Alex discuss some current issues. In this shorter, table talk like episode, they talk about their days and their problems with the current school system. No music updates today but they'll be back next week!
Stay Apart... Together
2021 Mar 241h 5m 50s
Welcome back to the second season of Middle_C! After a long break, your fav podcast is back amd we're featuring a podcast regular, Destiny McCollough! We ask her some questions about the music scene in university and learn a little more about music after high school. Later in this one hour long season premiere, we discuss some unfortunate world events (and get a little heated) as well as share our feelings on the recent music industry events (as well as somehow manage to sneak in a bit about the lovely Miley Cyrus). Tune in for an hour of fun, music education, and stupid social distancing signs :)
We're Back!!
2021 Mar 052m 9s
Middle_C is back and better than ever! Your favorite teenagers are going to be diving back in to all things music. AND there's a brand new segment too! As the season goes on you will hear from a few musicians from around the New York area and we couldn't be more excited.  You're not going to want to miss out so make sure you download so you are notified whenever an episode is released!!
Episode 6: Season 1 Finale
2021 Mar 041h 2m
In this season finale of Middle_C Alex and Grace discuss the streamy awards, and of course go off topic from there. Grace fangirls over the newly released Prom movie and Alex does the same, but for Lewis Capaldi instead. We hope you enjoyed this season of Middle_C, and we look forward to getting back into it next year! Happy Holidays!
Episode 5: How Many Cyrus's Are There Again?
2020 Dec 0934m 26s
In this installment, Grace and Alex once again dive into their love for Miley Cyrus and teach a short (probably unhelpful) music lesson. Alex discovers that there are, in fact, more Cyrus children and Grace relives her experience making a late night snack. We hope you enjoy!