• Haeley Christensen
3 episodes
An exploration of my own life and experiences as a mixed Korean and white person in modern America. Life as a self-proclaimed "banana" can be difficult to navigate, and I'm still learning who I am. Join me as I talk it out and interview the people who have have impacted my identity and had similar experiences.


Hapa Happy Hour
2021 Apr 1622m 56s
Exploring the reality of being not just Korean and Caucasian, but "mixed" and "hapa" as their own identities.
How You See Me
2021 Apr 1629m 22s
A conversation with my High School bestie on how she recognized my Asianness, issues of fetishization, and how we're constantly improving.
How to Make a Banana
2021 Apr 1619m 4s
An intro to the podcast and conversation with my mother
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