Death and Friends
  • KnaveryInk, Nash Flynn, Angel Garcia
6 episodes
Nash Flynn and Angel Garcia discuss Death's major moments in history, culture, and art.


Episode 5 | Home is Where the Poisons Are: Everything In Your House Tried to Kill You in Victorian England
2021 Jun 1722m 20s
Can’t take a bath without your bathtub candle trying to kill you? Angel and Nash can help! long as you aren’t a Victorian-era British ghost. If you are then it’s waaaaay too late for you.
Episode 4 | A Tale of Two Cities: Why Vesuvius Is the Scariest Mountain of All Time
2021 Jun 1035m 40s
Nash went to Pompeii once when she was a student in Italy. It was very hot, but not as hot as that other time. (Jesus Christ, Nash, this can’t be the episode description.)
Episode 3 | The Great Hunger: British Empire on Their Absolute Bullshit Part 1 (of 1,089)
2021 Jun 0334m 8s
In this episode Nash and Angel discuss the inconvenient placement of the Boston Irish Famine Memorial, British imperialisms many crimes against humanity, and "Brendan Fraser" shows up again, maybe.
Episode 2 | King Tut Wasn't Murdered and Other Stories from Ancient Egypt
2021 May 2742m 23s
In this episode Nash and Angel play very mature adults who talk about malaria and other serious things like murder. They do not understand how to pronounce words.
Episode 1 | Rats Were Framed: The Black Death
2021 May 2722m 48s
Have you ever launched a bunch of dead bodies over a wall to disease your enemies? No? Just me? Join Nash and Angel on their maiden sea voyage (without the plague) to learn why fleas are some sons of bitches.
Death and Friends is Coming May 27th!
2021 May 061m 13s
Let's talk about death baby, lets talk about history.
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