• Kill Your Landlord
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3 friends, from 3 very different walks of life, living in 3 different states come together bi weekly to compare & contrast and just have a discusion of what it is to be living in modern USA.


A Deep Dive from Covid Passports to an Incel Mass shooter out near Boulder, Colorado as well as a Ship stuck in the Suez Canal
2021 Apr 2654m 3s
Once again our trio of characters talks out some differences between them. Not everyone sees eye to eye, but we can still laugh at our differences at the end of the day. We analyze some video clips from President Biden's forgetful past. We also analyze a speech from a Holocaust survivor, who makes remarks of how she sees the modern pandemic being handled insidiously.  The last video clip we look into is one from rep. Katie Porter vs. Chase Bank's CEO Jaime Diamond. And boy does Ms. Porter rip  Mr. Diamond a new one😯. The last issue we bring to the round table is that of the Evergiven boat which was stuck in the Suez Canal off the coast of Egypt for about an entire week and the significance of such an event.
Bernie Sanders & a toad native to the Sonoran Desert are the key to destroying Henry Kissinger once and for all!!
2021 Mar 2044m
Here's the same video we  watched and discussed of the riots near Boulder, Colorado just recently.  https://youtu.be/VtuAEb_14wo In this episode we discuss a wide range of topics that include the mental strain  that young Americans (college students) are feeling  and the need to somehow express the angst & frustration  during a global pandemic. We also look into some of the latest eviction stories across the country. As well as debate  on how we could have been more effective during mandatory lockdowns, or if lockdowns were actually a waste of everyone's time? We briefly talk about the failed attempt to increase the min wage to 15/hr and those who are responsible  for not raising it. We also shed light onto how H. Kissinger STILL TO THIS DAY uses the dark force to seduce n lure the easily corrupted politicians of today.  And we certainly bring up whom the antithesis to super villain Kissinger is, none other than Bernie Sanders.  On a different note, we look into speculation of where all the disposable face mask will end up and what that means to the environment. Sergio breaks down what exactly Red Tide is.   Stripper's boost your immune system therefore it is only obviously that a stripper fund to save a hoe is a must. Lastly we scratch the surface of the drug that comes from a toad native to the Sonoran Desert that produces venom known as 5-MeO-DMT.  Claims of it being six times more powerful than the hallucinogenic DMT, or N, N-dimethyltryptamine
Conversation Initialized ( No Killswitch )
2021 Feb 1148m 8s
Pilot  episode.  1st time for all 3 host to meet up using a virtual conference room  while testing out & fine-tuning the technology that makes this possible.   Now that the round table has been set we waste no time and get right into it discussing such topics as Myanmar's military takeover, and the aerobics instructor who despite witnessing the coup in real time several yards away from Myanmar Palace gates didn't so much as flinch and kept working out instead of reacting to any of it. We also discuss how an online group of Reddit users took on & defeated some very powerful hedge fund giants. We begin our opposing views debates on COVID-19 vaccinations. Furthermore, we even look into the mindset of Wim Hof (aka the Iceman) and how his mindset is what is needed to see this pandemic through to the end and beyond.
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