The Wolf Among Sheep
  • Brian James
10 episodes
Follow Bahdy as he tries to navigate life after ending a tumultuous relationship, losing his job, and on the verge of a mental breakdown. Bahdy is invited by a friend to try his hands at being an erotic masseur where he quickly meets colorful characters and learns some life lessons along the way. Written By: Brian Cushenberry Staring: Timmy Probably, Christine Dylan, Risa Barbosa, Patrick Clark Composer: Kory Hilpmann, Carl Dennis Sound Engineer: Evan Kohlmayer Art Department: Asim Soliman, Teodie Bayeta, Brian James Consulting Producer: Chloe Abedin, Cooper Abedin Executive Producer: Jennifer Liu


Rule Number 8: N!GG3R D!CK
2021 Jun 0424m 43s
After leaving Pittsburgh Bahdy is ready to end his tour. During his last stop to Dallas, TX he meets A couple with some unusual requests.
Interview with If They Won't Listen podcast
2021 Jun 011h 28m 44s
My interview with If They Won't Listen hosts, where we talked about some of my different experiences as a traveling masseuse.
Rule Number 7: The Nose Knows
2021 May 2813m 29s
Bahdy describes having an anxiety attack during his first time on the road alone. While trying to curate his new persona a noisome client makes it difficult to stay in character.
Rule Number 6: Crack Is Wack
2021 May 2316m
Bahdy finds himself going through an existential crisis in Pittsburgh. Trying to come to grips with his new reality and  his hunt for clientele leads him to take an outcall without using his better judgment.
Rule Number 5: A Southern Belle & A Fine Ass Doctor
2021 May 1222m 49s
Bahdy heads to Mississippi with Bottom Bitch. After having to kick out an obnoxious client, he breaks one of his cardinal rules.
Rule Number 4: A Bus Ride To Hell
2021 May 0217m 1s
Bahdy, feeling triggered after his Washington D.C. trip, recounts a traumatic experience from his past.
Rule Number 3: A Crazy African & The Mean Girls
2021 Apr 2724m 8s
Still in Washington D.C.,  Bahdy mistakenly allows his crazy African stalker to book an appointment. And later, in an effort to be sociable, he hangs out with the mean girls of rent men - Peaches and Plum.
Rule Number 2: Water Sports
2021 Apr 2714m 24s
Bahdy heads to Washington D.C and reflects on his first time on the job with Crisco.
Rule Number 1: Dirty John
2021 Apr 2612m 36s
We're introduced to Bahdy after he ends a tumultuous relationship that leaves him deep in debt and relocating to a new city. He takes up the new gig as a traveling erotic massage therapist with his personal assistant Bottom Bitch.
2021 Apr 252m 48s
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