• Michael Makar
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Most of the Presidents Of The United States are entirely undeserving of their legacies. On this show, we'll pick out one American each episode who truly served everyone in the union - who truly deserves to be remembered. These are the Greatest Of The United States. New episodes released the first Thursday of every month!


GOTUS 103: Crandall v Jackson
2021 May 0618m 10s
Andrew Jackson is one of our most recognizable, significant, and despicable Presidents. His awful legacy fulfills much of ours as a nation. Our goal today is to break down his impact and to break his chokehold on our identity.Contemporary to his reign of destruction, Prudence Crandall taught this country how to grow. Her story is shorter than Jackson's, but she was helping us move forward while folks like Jackson held us back.
GOTUS 102: Parsons v Coolidge
2021 Apr 0118m 21s
What do you remember about the 1920s? To me, it stands out as a better decade than most of its neighbors. But the greatest fighters will never be content. Lucy Parsons was fighting for all of us, whether all of us were ready for her or not.
GOTUS 101: Olmsted v Pierce
2021 Mar 0418m 10s
Did you know Franklin Pierce was once the President Of The United States? There's plenty of good reasons to forget him, though he helped contribute to the widening divide of the mid-19th century US. But one of his contemporaries was busy building the country up in multiple ways - and you are almost certainly familiar with his work firsthand!Today, we're discussing how Frederick Law Olmsted is far cooler than Franklin Pierce (which is not a very high bar, but Olmsted was very cool).
The GOTUS: Promo
2021 Mar 021m 52s
I know far too much about Presidents, and it's time to use those powers for good. Get ready to explore some of the Greatest Of The United States, and what made them more worthy of our time than the POTUS of their day.
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