A Pocket of Positive
  • Breezy B
10 episodes
Right now in the world it can be very difficult to look on the bright side of... Anything. This podcast give you a weekly dose of positivity to help you see the bright side of a gloomy world.


What is Normal??
2020 Sep 1429m 54s
In today’s episode i talk about normal and how i personally think it doesn’t exist
Back In School (It’s online though)
2020 Aug 3132m 22s
In this episode I talk about my first week of online class!
My Thoughts on Online School
2020 Aug 2439m 45s
Today I will talk about my thoughts on online School!
10 Things I Hate About Me!
2020 Aug 1723m 51s
In this episode I turn things I don’t really like about myself around!
Toxic Positivity Pt.1
2020 Aug 0318m 2s
In this episode I give a brief lesson on toxic positivity.Hopefully to help others understand this not a well know problem.
Back to School Series part 1: Get on Your Work
2020 Jul 2723m 20s
This episode is sorta a ramble not going to lie. I talk about starting summer homework with some tips if you haven’t started it yet.
Asking For Help IS A GOOOOD THING!
2020 Jul 2027m 33s
This week I talk about the importance of asking for help. I also talk about how I learned to ask for help.
Positives Learned from Quarantine
2020 Jul 1322m 34s
In this episode I’m with my very good friend Rose as we talk about the positives that we have learned and experienced during quarantine!
Do You Really Need A Quarantine Glow Up?
2020 Jul 0620m 16s
Welcome to the first episode of A Pocket of Positive. In today’s episode I talk about the trend of Glowing Up during quarantine.
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