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2 people who don't know what they're talking about talk about a lot of different things.


#10 - Return to Mediocrity
2021 Mar 211h 7m 8s
We've been gone for a while. Atom had a baby, Koma's been up to stuff. We will continue with a bi-weekly schedule from this point until our lives calm down a bit more.
#9 - The Quest of Life
2021 Jan 311h 24s
We Need a Quest
#8 - Escapism
2021 Jan 191h 8m 8s
Back to the distant format, unfortunately. We talk a good bit about escaping reality and why it's bad to get engrossed in 1 thing.
#7 - Getting Deep in Sex Dolls
2021 Jan 0953m 20s
We talk about a lot this episode with no clear direction. We question our existence in the Universe, also sex dolls are mentioned.
#6 - We Back... In Person
2020 Dec 3042m 31s
We've had a busy holiday season, but we got our first live in-person episode up. This is the future of the Podcast
#5 - Sex in Space
2020 Dec 061h 47s
Little slow to start but the conversation picks on about astronauts making love in space and different genital options after removal.
#4 - The Grind
2020 Nov 141h 12m 25s
Talking about the grind of our passion projects, and how we manage them while going through life.
#3 - Gamer Talk Ft. Joewithabigtoe
2020 Nov 071h 7m 19s
Talking with Joewithabigtoe about his Twitch experiences and some games we've played. A few would you rathers thrown in with the rest of the jib-jab. Check him out on Twitch at
#2 - Public School Trauma
2020 Oct 301h 8m 2s
We talk about the BS experience that is Public School. And also porn but that's unrelated
Pilot - The Beginning of Something
2020 Oct 241h 14m 11s
The first episode of our new podcast. Hosted by AbrasiveAtom and Koma, we talk about whatever comes to our mind.
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