• Over The Line
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Welcome to a Pakistani podcast dedicated to football/soccer leagues and players across the world.


European Super League Special
2021 May 031h 10m 40s
In this special episode we analyze the situation after top 12 clubs of Europe decided to launched European Super League.
UEFA Champions League 2021
2021 Feb 2737m 13s
Barcelona on verge of another elimination? PSG and Real Madrid continue their tipsy topsy journey in their respective leagues and more important what do we think of Zidane and his tactics so far? Get to know all about this and much more (except Liverpool) on the latest episode of our podcast.
The Maradona Special
2021 Feb 2630m 41s
Like no other. In light of the recent passing of Diego Maradona, a special episode is going to be dedicated towards the footballing great. We hope to see you there, as we celebrate a special footballer, and an even special person. Rest easy, Diego. Your greatness will always live among us. đŸ’™ You can watch the episode on our YouTube channel.
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