Careers in Colour - the career stories podcast
  • Francie Benning
2 episodes
In English und auf Deutsch! Why do people do the jobs they do? Like, really? A deep fascination with how people deal with job transitions and how people come to work in the strangest (or most normal) jobs moves me in what I do for a living. As a psychologist and psychological coach, having conversations with peopkle about topics such as their careers is my bread and butter. With this podcast you can now listen in to such conversations and gain new insights from other people's career stories.


Introduction to the Podcast
2021 Mar 195m 59s
Welcome to "Careers in Colour"! In this episode the author of this podcast, Francie Benning, is sharing a few story and explains what she hope you will take away from listening to future episodes. Join her in finding out more about other people's careers and jobs!
Einführung zum Podcast
2021 Mar 196m 56s
Willkommen zum Podcast "Careers in Colour"! Die Authorin dieses Podcasts, Francie Benning, erzählt ein paar Geschichten und erklärt den Zweck und die Ziele dieses Podcasts. Begleite sie darin mehr über die Karrieren und Jobs anderer herauszufinden!
More episodes may be available on the podcast’s website.