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So, Who's Up Next? is a music interview podcast, by artists, for artists, sharing the "self" in self-made. A deep dive into the minds of musicians, SWUN explores what it means to be an artist, maker, and creative. Hosted by Justin the Flora God.


The Downwxlf Interview
2021 Jun 0726m 6s
We all know how difficult the act of becoming is, self-discovery in the context of musical identity isn’t always a linear path, and is something that can only develop over time and with conscious effort. During our talk, I was intrigued by the steps Downwxlf has taken to form not only a musical identity, but also be completely secure in it. From process oriented details like crafting a recording process tailor made for himself, or a bolder move like getting a wolf tattoo on his head, it’s all in the art and act of becoming more authentic. Definitely take notes, there’s a lot of value to be found in this episode. Listen to Downwxlf here on Spotify. A TON more episodes coming very very soon, so stay tuned.
The Lonely Ghost Records Interview
2021 Jun 0344m 22s
Work ethic, respect, and vision are the staples of the Lonely Ghost brand, but it wasn’t always that way. Everything is always a work in progress, but listening to John and Shane talk about exactly what it took to get their label to where it is was super interesting. As an independent artist, I was almost completely unaware of the infrastructure that labels need to create a proper environment for their business and artists to thrive. During our talk I learned so much about the inner workings of a label AND about how to develop the right mindset for growth and community. Find their roster on bandcamp and Spotify. Definitely stay tuned bc I got a TON more great talks heading your way.
The Blacktop Mojo Interview
2021 May 3024m 8s
Blacktop Mojo are Kings of their craft. Ready to release their fourth studio album, self titled, it was super interesting to hear about the history of the band and what their actual process is like on and off the mic. Learned a lot in this one, I'm sure you will to. Find Blacktop Mojo here on Spotify and other major platforms, they also got some really great visuals on their YouTube channel.
The Deadlysin Interview
2021 May 1826m 20s
Deadlysin is a student of music. During our talk I learned a lot about what it takes to turn passion into profit within a relatively short time span. Work ethic, mindset, and community are at the forefront of Deadlysin’s brand, but what captured me the most was just how willing he is to learn anything and everything about music. Find him on Beatstars, Twitter, and Youtube. You can also find him on
The Santoku Media Interivew
2021 May 1332m 30s
Christian of Santoku Media is absolutely goated on the camera.
The Misfit Sorbet Interview
2021 May 0532m 40s
Misfit Sorbet is a jack of all trades. Growing up surrounded by different kinds of art, Misfit Sorbet was able to transfer all of those skills into the sonic and visual arts he participates in. Find him on Spotify and other major platforms. Also! If you want to advertise with me on the show, hmu on email, with the subject line: BOOMIN, bc that's what business will be like the MOMENT we start running those ads. Plus it helps support the show, and helps fund my escape from this god-forsaken country.
The Bryce Kepner Interview
2021 Apr 1924m 53s
Bryce Kepner is a man of action. Between his own musical happenings, Bryce takes the time to connect with other musicians in any way possible, adding in anything from a friendly vocal harmony to a killer saxophone for anyone who asks. Because Bryce’s hand is so heavy in helping the people that makes him someone who’s definitely up next. You can listen to Bryce's newest album, Certain Memories, here on Spotify and other major platforms.
The Lyncs Interview
2021 Apr 1234m 25s
Lyncs was born to make music. From a very early age, Lyncs was able to learn how to play a variety of instruments and how to mic them, making the future transition to becoming an artist that much smoother. During our talk I enjoyed learning about Lyncs’ perspectives on songwriting and marketing. There’s a lot to learn in this one, so be sure to stick around til the end to get all the info
The Calson Interview
2021 Apr 0744m 50s
Calson lives in the moment. Through his psychedelic, indie rock tunes, Calson proves that artistry isn’t so much a state of being, as it is a state of becoming. If you follow me @sowhosupnext on instagram, you’ll know that the theme I chose for this year is “A Long Strange Trip.” The stories Calson told me about his journey as an artist definitely go to show that leaning into that strangeness can help ease that trip, no matter how rocky it is along the way. Listen to Calson's newest single, Rod Daven, out now on all platforms. His whole discography is bangers, maybe listen and let him know what you think? Tell your friends about him? Sound good? Plan? Plan. Aight bet, peace.
The Bobby Chaniel Interview
2021 Mar 2839m 35s
Bobby Chaniel is a gardener, and proof that success comes to those who plant a variety of seeds and take the time to nurture them. Talking about the year long process of shooting his first music video for a song called Cartier V2, my eyes were opened to just what it takes to go all in on yourself, on your art, and how that makes for a very rewarding yield. Listen to Bobby's newest song, Cartier V2, out now.