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Redwood Road is podcast created by SCIA middle schoolers. SCIA is a public charter school located in Porterville, CA.


004: Hip Hop & Vibes
2021 Apr 2211m 10s
A few weeks have passed since our last podcast. In that time we have begun hybrid instruction. About half of our students attend class in-person, while the other half works from home on Zoom. The podcast will continue and in the coming days you will hear more new episodes. The Redwood Road staff has a…
003: Un Dia Normal
2021 Mar 101h 15m
This week’s podcast is in three segments: losing a whole middle school year, inside school cohorts, and the struggles that mothers have faced during the pandemic.
002: Turkey, Thanks & Lessons Learned
2021 Feb 238m 43s
Listen to stories brought to you by Miley, Kitana and Hailey. I hope you enjoy our second podcast on The Great Thanksgiving Listen — stories recorded at the Thanksgiving table.
001: The Great Thanksgiving Listen
2021 Feb 106m 37s
Stories from The Great Thanksgiving Listen from our Yearbook staff in the time of COVID.
More episodes may be available on the podcast’s website.