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The Camp - Level 7 In The City
2021 May 1119m 35s
The Camp offers a glimpse into what the City attracts and what remains attracted to the City. There is no denying that part of our image is in the company we keep – even company we did not originally invite. Can we change anything in the Camp? How much authority do we have there? What value, if any, does the Camp add to us?
The Outer Gate - Level 6 In The City
2021 May 0321m 47s
We have reached the outer limits of all that belongs to the City. Here we are … at the Outer Gate – a vantage point that allows for us to see the entirety of what the City experience is. As we take in the view, we cannot help but review in our minds the places we have been on this tour. Images, sounds, feelings all rush in to help us summarize where we have gone on the Spectrix bus.
The Inner Gate - Level 5 In The City
2021 Apr 2523m 29s
Our journey has become strangely quiet. We are in a veritable no man’s land and, from what we can see, only opening and closing of portals in the walls surrounding The City. The movement is silent, quiet, and fast as lightning. But what is it about this place that makes us cringe? We cannot see what is coming in or going out from the portals. Neither do we know the reasons for their movement. Is the exodus good or bad for The City?
The Common Place - Level 4 In The City
2021 Apr 1722m 46s
So, this is it…the bustling metropolis we call “you” …yes, you as “The City”. This week is dedicated to the congestion you see, the noise you hear, and often the anxiety you feel. It is the first level of “The City” beyond the real you…the first level that you share directly with others
The Courts - Level 3 Of The City
2021 Apr 1022m 56s
The Courts are where all judgments of experience are received, examined, and are either passed on as the “laws” governing our decision-making and behavior or disregarded completely. The Courts serve three distinct functions in “The City”: lawmaker, law receiver, and law archivist. These three vital roles help The Courts to shape how we perceive future events happening to us and how we should receive these events considering our disposition in conduct.
The Temple - Level 2 Of The City
2021 Apr 0322m 48s
Grab your robe…don yourself with a gold sash…and bring your best offering! Wash your feet and hands…and hasten your pace – we are visiting The Temple! Join Doc C. as he gives us a tour of a place where all things are possible – power is plentiful – and miracles happen every single day.
The Seat - Level 1 Of The City
2021 Mar 2722m 17s
It is the seat of your emotions…the seat of your intellect…the seat of your volition…and the seat of your reasons. It is where the soul “sits” …it is, in essence, the throne of your being and the center of your life. The seat is the source for each and every one of us.
Intro To The City
2021 Mar 2014m 58s
This is the first episode in a series called "The City". In this series, Spectrix seeks to reveal the concepts of consciousness, community, and control using an ancient city set up as a backdrop. Join us in the ongoing discussion as sojourner Doc C. hosts Spectrix Speaks.
Spectrix Speaks - The Introduction
2021 Mar 138m
Welcome to the first podcast for Spectrix Speaks!!! We dedicated to finding metaphysical solutions to practical problems. During our time on the airwaves, we hope that you will find a home here. Most importantly, your ideas are welcomed here. We maintain an air of respect and enjoy the journey of discovery together. Contact Doc C. with your feedback and questions. Again, welcome to Spectrix Speaks - a production of Spectrix Metaphysical Institute in Atlanta, Georgia.
Spectrix Speaks (Trailer)
2021 Mar 1259s
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