Will be Fierce
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Let’s talk about everything and anything. Each week I will talk about topics brought forward by listeners like you. I’m an open book, or should I say “open podcast.”


Episode 3 - Relationship status: Single
2021 May 3033m 37s
Come sit with us and hear all about our past relationships and how we have grown. Yes, we are single. So, call us!
Episode 2 - let’s talk about sex, baby!
2021 May 2136m 46s
*We do not own the rights to the music played in this episode* 30 fun dirty questions to ask your partner. Let’s talk about sex ... follow our girl on Instagram @Tricia.Sexton & me @grrrantham
Adult beverages + Antlers
2021 Apr 1152m 33s
We started on the topic of 2020 but w/ a few drinks ... we went down a few different paths. Join me and my friends as we chat about 2020, Karen Walker, and Love. Yes, very random! Take a listen.
Intro - let’s do this.
2021 Apr 073m 39s
Hey, I’m Will and by my side is my trusty sidekick, Zazu. I’ve had this crazy idea to start a podcast and share with you all my life stories and experiences. Here’s a rough draft of my introduction.
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