• Mike and Kush
4 episodes
Join Mike and Kush each week as they talk about anything, everything and nothing at the same time!


Episode 4 - Naughty Movie Pass, Dumb World Records, Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard and more
2021 Jun 161h 1m 30s
This week Mike and Kush discuss some of the dumbest World Records that  have been broken in the past week and come up with ideas for their own, the rise and fall of Movie Pass plus review the new Hitman's Wife's  Bodyguard movie.
Episode 3 - Woman Fights Bear, Mayweather vs. Paul, Conjuring 3, Among Us Chicken Nugget and more
2021 Jun 091h 3m 46s
This week Mike and Kush waffle about a woman fighting a bear, Floyd Mayweather fighting the other Paul brother, The Conjuring 3, an Among Us  Chicken Nugget found in a BTS McDonalds Meal and more!
Episode 2 - Beavers Break the Internet, William Amos Should Leave Zoom, Another Hollywood Reboot and more
2021 Jun 0246m 30s
This week Mike and Kush talk about how a Canadian town was brought to it's knees by some hungry Beavers, how William Amos should have his Zoom privileges removed, about how Hollywood loves a good reboot and more.
Episode 1 - Introductions, Stranger Danger, Cruises and more!
2021 May 021h 2m 56s
In the first ever episode of Waffle Box, Mike and Kush introduce themselves and then waffle on about homeless people, smoking habits, cruises, Blockbuster, secret Pager language and more.
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