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#9: CEC in lab soil test
2021 Jun 063m 2s
CEC: an indicator how well soil can hold cation or nutrient. This can be assessed via lab test. Listen up for the definition of CEC. If a soil with low CEC, then nutrient prone to leach out, and hence we have to practice broad cast and apply few rounds.
#8: What is actual yield in oil palm sectors?
2021 May 266m
Oil palm actual yield only can be realised after these factors: genetic yield potential, yield reducing factors and yield loss factors.
#7: My daily habit tracker
2021 May 247m 33s
Most "must to have" habits for me to kickstart my day:
#6: Article sharing - palm oil outlook 2021
2021 May 165m 49s
I am sharing an article published in Global Oils & Fats Business Magazine [Vol 17, Issue 4 (Oct-Dec), 2020]. This paper suggests few factors may affect the market outlook: La Nina & Replanting and etc.
#5: Case study: Oil palm crop improvement from water logged condition. Azoplus product from Twin Arrow Fertiliser
2021 May 045m 35s
A case study performed between Precision Agriculture Research and Perkhidmatan Agro Pintar. Palms suffered water logged situation previously. Good canopy colour observed after combining good agro-management, correct use of fertilizer product. We used Azoplus product from Twin Arrow in this case study. More info about the product here:
#4: What's in the fertiliser
2021 Apr 219m 6s
In conjunction with #knowyourfertz event, TAF and PAR organised a series of activities that aim to increase knowledge of public about fertiliser, in the form of FB live, short byte video as well as infographic. Some interesting contest is going on as well. For more info, you may refer to their Facebook page, as follows:
#3: My goal tracking approach & tool (OKR + Weekdone)
2021 Apr 169m 13s
OKR is an approach I applied for goal setting and progress tracking. I share criteria for setting a good objective and key results.
#2: Quality Control in Fertiliser Analysis
2021 Mar 284m 38s
Precision Agriculture Research (PAR) is a private company when I assume the role of CEO. Ever wonder what are monitoring procedures employed by PAR to ensure it scored 100% in proficiency test. Find out more from this podcast.
#1: About me
2021 Mar 271m 28s
Hello everyone - this is my first podcast episode, starts by introducing myself. More contents coming soon. My LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/choon-kiat-lim-ph-d-mmim-ba868b34/Song from: https://soundcloud.com/lukrembo/morning by Lukrembo [Prod. by Lukrembo].