• Rob Hinckley
8 episodes
We talk racing with you with a concentration of Quad Cities area tracks and drivers.


QC SpeedTalk 052421 S1 E13
2021 May 3054m 39s
We talk ALL local racing including interviews, highlights and a WILD weekend of racing!
QC SpeedTalk May 17, 2021 S1 E12
2021 May 191h 8m 40s
Hall of Famer Doug Haack joins us to talk racing today and yesterday.
QC SpeedTalk 051021 S1 E11
2021 May 111h 2m 42s
John Lafrenz is on to talk his passion of race car photography.
QC SpeedTalk 050321 S1 E10
2021 May 111h 4s
Darron Evans joins us to talk dirt and 2021 plans for Tegan Evans Racing!
QC SpeedTalk Apr 26, 2021 S1 E8
2021 Apr 2759m 51s
Mark Claeys from Nostalgic Stock Car Racing Club is with us!
QC SpeedTalk Apr 19, 2021 S1 E7
2021 Apr 2745m 11s
Randy Lamar joins QCST!
QC SpeedTalk April 12, 2021 S1 E6
2021 Apr 151h 2m 14s
The great Chrissy Oliver joins us to talk career and her new role in racing. We also review the week behind, preview the upcoming green flags AND throw some history in.
QC SpeedTalk Mar 22, 2021 S1 E3
2021 Mar 2754m 42s
Bret Sievertsen joins Rob to talk East Moline Speedway, BRISTOL BABY and a HUGE anniversary in 2021.
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