• Financial Literacy for Youths
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Financial Literacy for Youths (FLY) is an initiative started by students, for students. We are dedicated in spreading awareness regarding the importance of knowledge in finance and how it can personally empower youths. Currently with a team of over 30 people in Malaysia, we are focused on giving the best financial talks alongside weekly publications. Visit us at https://www.flymalaysia.org/ today!


Episode 5: How To Spend Your First Paycheck
2021 Mar 0319m 18s
What effect has lockdown had on investors' behaviour? What are the hurdles one faces before becoming a homeowner? And perhaps most important of all: how can you use this knowledge to YOUR advantage when deciding what to do with your first paycheck? Tune in to listen to our speakers have an in-depth discussion about all that and more!
Episode 4: What to expect for your First Job?
2020 Dec 2415m 40s
Still unsure of what to expect for your first job? Listen to our latest episode as we discuss several aspects such as the hiring process, Covid-19's impact on the job market, candidates' experiences, and more!
Episode 3: Youth Unemployment with Dr. Juita
2020 Nov 2215m 50s
Episode 3: Youth Unemployment with Dr. Juita
Episode 2: Covid-19's Impact on the Stock Market
2020 Sep 2516m 44s
How is the stock market doing right now? Should i start investing in the stock market? If you have these questions in mind, worry no more as we are here to clear your doubts through our 2nd podcast episode, titled ‘Covid-19’s Impact on the Stock Market’.
Episode 1: Covid-19 and the New Normal
2020 Aug 1327m 12s
Episode 1: Covid-19 and the New Normal
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