The Needlefish Podcast
  • John Harland, Jim Firth, Maisie Freedman, Yas Downes
2 episodes
John Harland and Jim Firth talk to extraordinary people in order to unpack practical wisdom that can be used by the listener in everyday life.The expert guests impart useful advice, life hacks and life lessons to ensure the listener benefits from uncommon knowledge. The hosts go 'narrow and deep' on the specialist subjects of the guests to mine informational gold for the listener.The podcast style is relaxed, conversational and warm.


Food freedom, emotional eating and methods to manage the diet/binge cycle with Chelvi Mailvaganan
2021 May 231h 25m 12s
In this episode we talk with wellness and food freedom expert Chelvi Mailvaganan, Founder and CEO of A Full Life. Chelvi established A Full Life in order to share methods she discovered through her own healing  journey to help others break the binge/diet cycle and find sustainable weight loss. Chelvi has studied and trained with the worlds leading experts on the psychology of eating and and transformative coaching including Tony Robbins, Michelle May, Jan Chozen, Marc Davis, Geneen Roth and James Clear. We discuss why diets don't work and how to break free of the dieting mindset. Chelvi breaks down the binge/diet cycle and defines binge eating and emotional eating as well as examining the difference between a 'normal'  Vs  'unhealthy' relationship with food.There is a deep dive into emotional eating and how the pandemic has affected our relationship with food.We also take a look at body image and the impact of social media on our eating habitsChelvi give practical advice on how to change negative thoughts about food and identifies mindfulness and meditation techniques to supercharge positive outcomesMore information and courses can be found on her website
Prostate Cancer - everything you need to know
2021 Apr 201h 12m 47s
Paul Sayer, founder and CEO of Prost8 charity talks about his own personal experience with prostate cancer and the reasons he founded a charity to bring cutting edge treatments to the attention of people dealing with the disease. Paul tells his own story from diagnosis through to his treatment options on the NHS pathway to his decision to take his health into his own hands with a cutting edge therapy that delivers better lifestyle outcomes than traditional interventions. He talks about trials, treatment and benefits of HIFU, High Intensity Focussed Ultrasound therapy and how it works.We discuss the aims and goals of the charity  as well as prostate cancer statistics, perceptions and myths.There is support and information available at We have also handed over this episode to Paul in order for it to be minted into an NFT which will be auctioned off to raise money for
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