Stœnd with Lavender
  • Tanaka Shambambeva
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I’m in my 20’s and a third year University student. As I stumble through my present phase of life; I have words to share and the worlds to learn. Come listen, learn and let’s grow together. And what better way than with cannabis, friends and vibes!? 😘


Father’s Day part 2
2021 Jun 1918m 58s
Father’s Day feature
Father’s Day feature
2021 Jun 191h 46m 55s
Welcome to our Father’s Day Feature! This week we are joined by Trophy and Randy J for our third week of June’s harvest. This week I wanted to honor the male perspective of parenthood, and this episode is unfiltered, unedited, just vibes. These are two men experiencing life differently, but they share one thing in common: fatherhood. This week will reveal the inner workings within fathers’ minds. Stay tuned for more to come.
Jelaina’s Mastermind
2021 Jun 121h 12m 53s
This week we are joined by Jelaina Salcedo. We talk about our personal harvests and reflect on how far we’ve come to self improve. We are all working towards better versions of ourselves, how are we maintaining ourselves to get where we want? We all have dreams, what will it take for us to achieve them?
🌞June’s harvest🌞
2021 Jun 0538m 33s
This is the month where farms are harvesting fresh and local produce for the summer. This month is about going back and acknowledging all the hard work we overlook of ourselves. This is the month to take pride in all that we’ve done to be here today. Take a deep breath and accept that it is really okay to move at your own pace. This is your harvest, what does it look like?
Madre shares some spiritual Tea
2021 May 2249m 57s
Today we are joined by Nubia Peña, we talk about motherhood and it’s lessons. Nubia talks about the lessons she’s learned as a woman and she will teach her beautiful daughter. We dig deep into self discovery and sexuality.
2021 May 151h 33m 32s
Today we are joined by Annet Nyakwada as we discuss the definitive natures of both womanhood and sexuality. We talk about renovating traumatic experiences that perpetuate fear and shame as Black African women. Join us in this healing time, it’s time to choose yourself for your own peace of mind.
Mother, Ubuntu.
2021 May 081h 38m 28s
We are joined by Lady Dia, one of the founding mothers of Kinfolk and my close friend Niké. We discuss how we orient womanhood and discuss how different motherhood looks like today.
Maiden, Mother May.
2021 May 0152m 49s
Femininity, sensuality and fertility. These are aspects to grace yourself with on your personal womanhood journey. It’s is time to embrace the things that we have been taught ignore, to avoid as we move through womanhood. Our womanhood is very much intertwined with our choice to become mothers. We must embody the aspects that empower us as we move through womanhood.
Even the Queen struggles sometimes.
2021 Apr 2943m 8s
Outlt creator: Binta Sesay joins us today to discuss the importance of self wellness. ‘If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna live someone else?’ Join us as we discuss establishing personal growth and how it looks like for each individual.
2021 Apr 1744m 27s
Join me as Stephanie, Edge and I discuss the importance of having individual perspectives within a partnership. And how personal wellness is essential for setting boundaries. ‘If you can’t love yourself, how the hell are you gonna love somebody else.’ -Rupaul